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Legislation to Improve Bicycling?

November 12th, 2017

Here is a link to the text of the bill being promoted by the CalBike organization.


Likely coming from a good intent; increasing safety (comfort?). But it seems to need some modification, and some way to overcome city, county, state legislators objections due to fears including anticipation of significant costs.

No mention that I saw for allowing the use of the funding for non-capital programs/activities such as -
Education – of motorists, bicycle users, & pedestrians;
Enforcement – training and implementation;
Encouragement – promoting active transportation modes… was Equity as a goal/measure included?

Proposed HDM *guidance* appears to be needing edit/modification and is incomplete, too restrictive, and unsubstantiated (except perhaps by separation-focused advocates).

But, the intent seems to be good; to force roadway designs (and actions?) that will better accommodate bicycling and walking. Send money and then you might get involved in re-crafting the flawed bill.

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